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We tailor our services to provide exactly what you need through each of our individual management plans. 

Our consulting services include all aspects necessary to drive a safe and compliant regulatory and environmental, health and safety program through written plans, worker training, process implementation, monitoring and inspection, record-keeping, and reporting.


Through our network of experienced professionals, we offer training to comply with Worker Safety, Environmental, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, Industrial Hygiene, Storm Water, Waste Water, and Air Emissions requirements. 

Representative services offered by IEL include:

Air Monitoring 

Asbestos, Lead, and PCB disposal 

Biennial Reports 

Blood Borne Pathogens

Business Emergency Plans


Chemical Hygiene Plans

Confined Space Programs

Contingency Plans 

Crane safety/OSHA Regulations


Emergency Action Plans

Ergonomics Programs

Fire Prevention Plans

Fire Safety/Portable Extinguishers

Forklift Training Programs

Hazard Communication Plans

Hazardous Materials Inventory

Hazardous Waste Training


Hearing Conservation Programs 

Household Hazardous Waste Programs

Indoor Air Quality/Worker Exposure

Injury & Illness Prevention Plans

Laser Safety Programs

Lockout/Tagout Programs 

Loss Control

MSDS Management Program

OSHA General Industry Safety Orders

OSHA 300 logs 

Personal Protective Equipment

Prop 65 Warning/Disclosure

Pollution Prevention Plans

Recycling/Reuse Programs

Remediation Projects

Respiratory Protection Program

Risk Management

Sanitation Districts/Wastewater Discharge

SARA Title III (Form R) Reporting 

SCAQMD/Air Permitting 

SDS Writing


Source Reduction Plans

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans 

Tiered Permitting (PBR)

TSDF Auditing

Transportation and Disposal

Universal Hazardous Waste 

UST/AST Compliance Programs

Waste Minimization (SB-14)

Welding Safety Program

Work From Height/Fall Protection  

Workplace Injury (OSHA) accident investigation and correction

We're here to train your team.

You have your business to run.  Goals and metrics to manage. You cannot be everywhere and administer every aspect of complicated and ever changing worker training regulations. 


That's why we're here.

The key to compliance?

Properly Trained Employees.

We pride ourselves in providing individually tailored programs that meet your company's needs, while delivering employee training that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.  



The California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) is a mandatory statewide web-based reporting system that supports the exchange of required Unified Program information among business, local governments, and the EPA.

Businesses have to report ANY hazardous materials stored on site exceeding the threshold amounts:

Liquids ≥ 55 gallons in a single container or in an area

Solids ≥ 500 lbs in a single container or in an area

Gases > 1 standard cylinder (generally)



We sample, test, and characterize your waste promptly and accurately.

Waste Sampling

We dispose of your waste at certified waste disposal facilities in California.

Waste Disposal

Waste Transportation

Efficient transportation of your hazardous waste is achievable through our waste services.

Hazardous Waste
Health & Safety


We provide full consultations on how to fix individual or collective aspects of EHS. Our consultations are solutions driven, dedicated to discovering the root of each problem in order to remedy at the source. We engage in what we call 'cross disciplinary' services. We recognize that a safety or hazardous materials issue in one area ultimately affects several other areas.  Therefore, each issue is addressed comprehensively to assure applicable regulations from the numerous agencies or disciplines are met.  A hazardous material use, for example, may entail worker safety considerations.  Likewise it may also bring storage, employee training, worker exposure, recordkeeping, air emissions, or even disposal requirements.  Our approach is to always apply a comprehensive treatment to each issue to assure all regulatory compliance requirements are managed.

Our consultations result in the writing, management, and/or execution of compliance programs and employee trainings based on what each individual client needs, across all industries.

Expert Testimony


An expert testimony is permissible if the witness is "qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education." 

We provide expert testimony in areas of OSHA/worker safety, hazardous materials management, hazardous waste management, Industrial Hygiene and permitting.


Our testimony is focused on qualified, definitive opinions with respect to environmental health and safety regulatory compliance.


Please contact us directly for specific details at (951) 313-6569.

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